Daniel Kohwalter's bandsaw

Daniel writes:

I built the 14" bandsaw. Despite one change I'll have to make (I didn't like the fence system I built) I liked the appearance of it. It works very well.

I used a different method to do the wooden pulley and the crown in the wheels. I used a trim router fixed on the workbench and spun the wheel on its bearings. The pulley was centered on the wheel and the groove was made on the tablesaw with repetitive cuts with the blade tilted on the correct angle. Worked ok. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of that.

I live in Brazil and my workshop is a small room of my apartment. Unfortunately this is almost all the space that I have to do my woodworking. Here in Brazil the woodworking machinery is expensive. I made the 14" bandsaw for about R$ 700,00 (the 1 HP motor was R$ 420). At the store, a 14" bandsaw is about R$ 3500!!! The minimum salary in Brazil is R$ 724. Depressing...

Best regards
Daniel Kohwalter Catarino

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