David Perry's bandsaw

David Perry writes:

This has been about a year and a half project (off an on). I didn't have much need for a band saw, so I thought, but now I use it every week. It has been very fun to build this wonderfully designed saw. It runs very smooth and I have resawed 7-3/4" maple with a half inch blade with no problems.

I bought a 3/4 hp Grizzly motor which was the most expensive part of this project. I have a box of small pieces of walnut I got for free which I used throughout this project where I wanted hardwood and some accents.

On every layer, I clamped a board across the frame in attempt it as straight as possible.

I used 3 layers of cheap plywood for the wheels and splurged for some Baltic Birch for the finished pulley. I put the crown on the wheels with a standard chisel.

Walnut trunnions.

The table is also banded with walnut.

With walnut meter slot inlays.

Walnut upper wheel mount.

I bolted a sub-frame assembly to the bottom of the saw which mated up to its base.

The base

The base and saw come together.

I designed a dust collection system that includes a chute
and a drawer in the base to collect the dust. I would say
it collects about ~95% of the dust.

I tried to fit the chute as close to the underside of the table
as possible. Of course it has to be removed for the table to tilt.

Probably the biggest change to this saw was the door. I just don't have the ceiling height for the original design. The door is a one piece design with wooden hinges which lifts off very easily.

A simple fence, a light and 3 coats of a polyurethane.

Love your website and thanks for the great plans.

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