Eurico Riberio's bandsaw

Hello Matthias It's been over a year since I purchased your bandsaw plan.
I built the project for eight months on weekends, in spare time and sometimes after work.
My experience with woodworking is little, but I have a great fondness for this work and want a home shop. While researching on YouTube how to make hand planes, I found your plan and your website.
The plan is very well done, well explained and easy to make following the step by step instructions and annotations.
What I felt was harder was the calibration of the wheels, but the result turned out to be pretty good. I did not follow the plans for the enclosure, to make it more practical for me. With the motor and electrical part, I had help from my friend Alcobia.

Thank you Matthias, other projects will follow, perhaps a pantorouter. Currently I'm doing a treadle wood lathe inspired by a design available on
Once again, thanks, for all the available information on your website and all the quality projects at a very affordable cost.

Best regards from Portugal


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