Sean Guikema's bandsaw

Sean Guikema writes:


Recently finished the bandsaw and I would like to thank you for the great plans. They were easy to follow yet very detailed. This saw works perfect.

I already have a 14" bandsaw but wanted a bigger one that could resaw a much wider board than 5 1/2 inches. I have already resawed a 10" beechwood log and a 10 1/2 inch ash log and it cut flawlessly.

I did make a few changes to the wheel mounts (since I couldn't drill a perfectly straight hole with my drill press). I made split wheel mounts which are screwed together with 5/16 screws (so far no problems with them loosening).

I made them on the router using a 1" core box bit and routering two halves (top and bottom). This pic is only the test piece. I didn't take one of the actual mount. The split wheel mounted easy when I was trying to align the wheels, as I could loosen the screws move the shaft and retighten.

Matthias comments:
That shaft hole is indeed very tricky to drill. Hadn't thought of doing it with a router bit!

Made the wheels on the router by making a jig that would hold the shaft exactly 8" from center of shaft to router bit (used 1 1/4" router bit). To put the 5 degree angle I just tilted the router and spun the wheel, flipped the wheel, and spun again. Yes the tilting router lift is also from your site (thanks for that also as it works awesome and was cheap to build).

Matthias comments:
Clever idea. As long as the wheel is spinning on the bearings already mounted in the wheel, that gives an accurate enough cut.

I also added a 4" dust port which removes almost all of the sawdust from inside the case. My store bought 14" doesn't remove much, and I end up having to clean out the lower housing regularly.

I also made the wheel and blade cover as one piece on a hinge. It has two earth magnets that hold it closed. I find this quicker and easier for changing blades.

I used a 1 1/2 HP (1750 rpm) motor I got for free. Figured I had the horsepower to put bigger pulley on so put a 5" pulley on motor and the wheel pulley is 11 1/2 ". Cuts really nice and no loss of power.

I also made the motor mount adjustable but routering slots in motor mount with my mortiser (Yes another shop tool designed by you).

Also made a cord holder and put a handle on it so I can easily push it around in my shop. All my tools are on wheels as space is limited.

I love the cabinet it sits on (cut box joints on this bandsaw to make them). I now going to make all new cabinets for all my tools and will be cutting the box joints on my mortiser.

Also added a small knock down screw to the table to hold it aligned (saw this done already by someone else on your site). May not have needed it but it works great.

Thanks again for the great plans.

Sean Guikema