20" bandsaw plans preview

Copyright 2017 Matthias Wandel


Blade guides



Wheel mounts


Enclosure - top

Enclosure - bottom

Cut lists - plywood

You will need one half sheet (4'x4' or 122x122cm) sheet of 6 mm plywood
You will need most of a sheet of 4'x8' (122x244cm) sheet of plywood.

You will need about 2 square meters or about 20 square feet of wood, depending on how efficiently you cut the wood.

Solid wood parts for the enclosure.
The top pieces in this drawing are from 2x4 material (38 mm thick). One 4' (122 cm) piece of 2x4 material is sufficient for those parts.

The bottom row are pieces for the enclosure, ideally be hardwood, 16 mm to 18 mm thick

hardwood pieces of various thicknesses (but the green enclosure pieces above don't necessarily need to be cut out of hardwood).


The plans also include a list of all the non-wood hardware required.

20" bandsaw 1:1 templates

These templates are in PDF format for printing 1:1 and using for cutting out parts.

Detailed printing instructions with over 300 photos of the construction

If these plans were a paper copy, I would not be able to include quite as much detail.
I recommend reading the building instructions on a computer instead of printing them