Safety notes

It is assumed that the builder is skilled in woodworking. This should not be your first woodworking project. It is also assumed that the builder is already familiar with the safe operation of routers.

It is the reader's responsibility to ensure that the copy carver is solidly constructed. It is very important to use good quality Baltic birch plywood for the router mount and carriage to ensure parts are solid, so that nothing will fail while in operation. cannot be held liable for injuries that you may incur with your copy carver.

Safety tips

  • When operating the copy carver always take light passes on the wood. Do not carve away too much material at once.
  • Always make sure the router is securely clamped. Changes in humidity could cause the router to become loose after extended periods of time. Always ensure the router is firmly mounted before using the copy carver.
  • Always operate the copy carver by holding the router mount at the follower link side. Do not hold it by the router.
  • When working for extended periods of time, add counterweights to the box on the back of the carriage to prevent fatigue.
  • Keep your hands away from the object being carved at all times.
  • Ensure that both the work piece, and the part being copied are both firmly clamped or screwed to the base.