M&M feeder

John Tetzloff sent me some pictures of an M&M feeder that he built

John writes:

"I made two of these M&M feeders for Christmas presents. I cut the gears out on the band saw, then sanded them to the line with a 1" strip sander. They were such a big hit. You get 3 M&Ms per turn of the small crank. It is made of solid cherry. And yes the Ball jar screws into the top. Turns out a Ball jar has 4 threads per inch, the coarsest thread I can cut."

I asked him if he had any problems with the M&Ms jamming. (Based on my marble machine experience, I know this can b a problem). His response:

"Well, I had some problems with that until I removed all the really odd shaped ones, broken ones, and real the small ones. I took a lot of experimenting to get the size of the holes right, 13/16" dia x .650" deep with a chamfer."

You can generate gear shapes using my gear template program or my free online gear template generator

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