Homemade table saw specifications

Overall dimensions (as per plans)

Height (without fence)87 cm 34"
Table size85 x 72 cm on mine.
make yours as big
as you can
33.5 x 28.5"
Weight (with saw)  32 kg (approx)
Top: 19 kg
Stand: 13 kg
70 lbs (approx)
Top: 41 lbs
Stand: 29 lbs

Maximum cut

Depth of cut (8 1/4" blade)68 mm2 5/8"
Depth of cut (7 1/4" blade)55 mm2 1/8"
Rip width34 cm13"
TiltingBlade does not tilt

Circular saw

Type I used a Makita circular saw, model 5007NB, but most circular saws in the $30-$200 price range can be used. Use a circular where the depth adjustment is achieved via hinging on the front, and a locking knob on the back.

Do not use cordless circular saws, track saws, or worm drive saws.

PowerAny power will do. Whatever speed the saw can cut as a handheld circular saw will be the same a it can cut installed in the table saw.

Dimensions shown in centimeters

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