Nancy Franks's marble machine

80-year old Nancy Franks emailed me about the marble machine she built, also sent a video ( . Such a nice story!

Nancy writes:

Hi, Matthias,

I just want to thank you for those marvelously detailed and ingenious plans!
I used them all - the drawings, the videos and the sketchUp model, which I found particularly helpful when I wasn’t too clear on what the various parts looked like and could isolate them and rotate them for a better view. My husband was sure it was never going to work, but by the time I was about half finished he was playing with it. It is for my 5 year old grandson - who is going to love it (his parents probably not so much!)

I feel I probably have the distinction of being the oldest woman to make one - I am 80 - and I may have it in me to make the Marble Machine 3 for my grandson when he is a little older.

Thanks again!

Nancy Franks

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