3-D Pantograph plans

Copyright 2011 Matthias Wandel

1:1 printable templates

There are 1:1 printable templates for many of the parts. These are useful for checking part sizes by placing them on the paper, or for some parts, pasting the template onto plywood for cutting out. The templates are segmented so that they can be printed on a regular letter or A4 size sheet. The diagonal grids make it easy to align the images when pasting them together.

Also incuded are contiguous images that can be loaded into the free eval version of BigPrint, which, on recognizing the images, will act like the full version while that image is loaded.

Building instructions

The plans also include extensive building instructions, with many photographs illustrating the steps of building the pantograph.
All the photographs can be enlarged to 850 pixels wide by clickong on them.

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