Pantorouter specifications

Overall dimensions

Height50 cm20"
Width46 cm18"
Depth66 cm26"
Table size34 x 46 cm13.5 x 18"
Weight (with router)  18 kg40 lbs (approx)

Maximum cut

Height8 cm3 1/8"
Width (large router)21 cm8"
Width (palm router)25 cm10"
DepthLimited by router


Diameter89 mm (3.5") diameter large router (most interchangeable base rotuers in North America will do. In other parts of the world, these are harder to find. the DeWalt D26204 is suitable and available in other parts of the world.
Or use a smaller 71mm diameter router such as Bosch Colt / GKF 600.
PowerAny power will do
Variable speed / slow start recommended.

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