Pantorouter XL specifications

Overall dimensions

Height51 cm (not counting
plunge handle)
Width52 cm (but pantograph always
protrudes beyond that on the side
Depth68 cm27"
Table size36 x 50 cm13.5 x 20"
Weight (with router)  20 kg (approx)44 lbs (approx)

Maximum cut

Height12 cm5"
Width30 cm10"
DepthLimited by router


Type Can accomodate plunge routers and fixed routers. For plunge routers, it's best to use routers with handles that can be removed. Router mount link must be customised for your router type.
PowerAny power will do. Mortises don't require removing much materials, and tenons don't require much power because router bits cut easily when the bit is parallel to the grain.
Routers with Variable speed / slow start recommended.

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