Florent Bouchard's pantorouter

Florent Bouchard, from Quebec, Canada writes:

Salut Matthias,

je t'envoie ces photos sur la confection du PANTOROUTER . Les plans sont tres bien détaillés, il suffit de les suivre a la lettre. Pas trop compliqués, et tu peut utiliser des rebuts et pas trop dispendieux pour l'achat du matériel a utiliser. Donc a la portée de tout bon bricoleur.

P/S si les plans étaient traduis en FRANCAIS serais un gros plus


Don't feel dumb. I can't read French either. Here's what Google Translator says:

Hi Matthias,

I send you these pictures of the making of PANTOROUTER. The plans are very well detailed, simply follow to the letter. Not too complicated, and you can use scraps and not too expensive for the purchase of equipment to use. Therefore the scope of any good handyman.

P / S if the plans were FRENCH would translate into a big plus


This is straight out of Google Translator. I'm always amazed how well it works, sometimes. But other times it works terribly.
Google translator works best with English, French, Spanish and German. Other languages, not so much.

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