Desmond's twin kid's beds

Desmond sent me some photos of some twin beds he built based on my twin bed plans

Desmond writes:


My name is Desmond and found your plans on the net and used them to build 2 beds for my 2 sons.

I am attaching the pictures for you. You can post them if you like.
I love the plan and they are solid. We were moving and we will move again so this bed will take 2 moves or more. I am handy guy, but never built a bed myself. I had a miter saw and some hand tools.

Tools Used:
Dewalt 10" miter saw.
Router 2 1/2HP- (new) I went out and bought a Freud Router and table combo.. ( I always wanted one for years) So it was a good time.
Planers - 3 1/4"(new), 14"(used) bought the 14" planer second hand, and did not use it for this project. Hand planer was used extensively for the posts.
Jig saw-(new) Canadian tire model. - used for the decorating headboard cut.
some wood clamps - busy bees.
box of 2 1/2 #8 and 32 #10s.. I only put 4 screws per post.
I used 8" side boards, 10",12" head/side board combo instead of the 8" 10" as your plan. The posts were 2" taller.
Bed was 1 extra inch longer to 80" even. Finish - minwax stain and glossy urethane (most have 3 coats). I used construction adhesive instead of wood glue. Used a couple of screws to hold the posts together as it was slipping when you put on the glue and clamp it.

Project took - 2 full week-ends..(excluding varnish) I don't have a shop/garage. So I had to move all the tools to the backyard every day. So keeping the half posts together was a challenge. In the end I had to re-plane the posts after the head boards were glued.

I just want to say Thank YOU.. the plans are solid .. I have been getting so much complements on the bed. Best part of the project - my kids (2.5,4)keep telling other kids that his dad is building him a bed .. :)

Now that I have some tools, I am going to try to build a boat book shelf - old style.. and I am not talking plywood.

Again thank you. I would love to see some of your other works and meet if possible.

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