Rodger's Marshall's air engine

Rodger Marshall sent me some video of his air engine, based on my plans.
He used it to power a chain transmission, calculated using my gear template generator.

Rodger writes:

Hi Matthias,

I was really surprised at the torque the air engine has. You said in one of your vids that you tried to make the engine do some work. That got me to thinking. I used the gear generator I got from you to make a chain and sprocket and drive gear. I realized that the engine would turn it too fast, so I made a gear and pinion to reduce the speed 4 to 1. The drive belt is a rubber band. I think it still runs too fast so I am in the process of making an air flow control valve that hopefully will be able to adjust the speed. Attached is a short video of my results so far. Thanks for making the plans and software available.

Rodger Marshall

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