More sorting trays

I previously made a sorting tray for the small oval yoghurt cups (leftmost at left), and later made bigger ones to fit into drawers (right) I wanted to make more trays, and I had some other types of cups - the small pudding cups (center) and the larger 175 ml yoghurt cups at right.

I figured the best way to make a sorting tray for the pudding cups was to drill some holes of the right size in a piece of wood.

The cups fit in, with the flanges overlapping to get more packing density. I should have drilled deeper holes though. The cups wiggle around a bit, especially if they don't have anything heavy in them.

I used a different design for the larger, 175 ml yoghurt cups. I laid these out in a hexagon pattern on a thin piece of plywood.

The hexagon pattern was easy to make. I measured out the centers for the first row of cups, then drew 60 degree diagonals in both direction. The intersections of the lines mark where the other cups need to go.

I didn't have a drill big enough, so I had to use a circle cutter. This went relatively fast, except for having to stop after every hole to pull the disk off the circle cutter.

The cups fit this far into the plywood. I needed to make a frame to hold it this far off the surface. I used my screw advance box joint jig to join the corners of a frame made out of thin pieces of hardwood.

With the plywood relatively thin, I added one brace on a diagonal to stiffen it up. It's glued on, plus a brad nail on each end.

Cups in the drawer, with various (used) screws sorted into them. I save the screws from things I take apart. It's good to have a large variety of screws at hand.

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