Patio table, as built

Greg Golden used my patio table plans to base his patio table on. but changing the length to 10 feet instead of four.

Greg writes:


Thanks for the great, simple plan for the PATIO TABLE (July 6). I appreciate your plan because it did not require lots of special operations. I have moderate woodworking experience but my home shop is fairly limited. For this project, I used the miter saw, table saw, circular saw, drill, router, and a sanding block.

I modified your dimensions a bit to achieve a table approx. 3 feet by 10 feet (we have a lot of chairs). I used redwood 2x4's for the frame and redwood 1x6's for the top. I ended up finishing the frame with an opaque green fence stain (for maximum weather resistance). Then I built the top and my wife insisted I NOT cover the top with that opaque stain. So I found some clear exterior spar varnish for the top. They tell me it's beautiful.

I decided to buy the lumber at Home Depot for the convenience; the "real" lumber yards are far away from me. The 2x4's are pretty standard. The 1x6's were S4S to 5/8 x 3-5/8, so they are fairly thin. Hope they don't warp!

The fit and finish of Greg's table sure is nice - much nicer than I would have done. Thin boards can easily be kept from warping just by attaching them in multiple places. Its the warping of thick boards, that is more challenging, because they can't be held down as easily.

Another table by Rod Garson

Rod writes:

Hi Matthias. This morning I made a Patio Table out of cedar and according to your excellent plans, for which I thank you.

The cedar will remain in its natural state and begin to get the same wonderful patina that our cedar deck is beginning to have, as you can see from the photo.

Rod Garson
Vancouver Island
British Columbia

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