My messy workshop - mid-project

Pictures of my Basement workshop in a messy state in 2009.

The workbench around the drill press is usually full of shavings from the drill press. I mostly use it as a place to put down tools instead of putting them away right away.

Towards the bottom of the picture, you can see a white piece of sheeting that I always put down on the table saw to varnish stuff. Basically, my table saw becomes a table for varnishing stuff. I was just varnishing some drawer handles, among other things, when I took that photo.

Between bigger cleanups, I usually just sweep the sawdust that accumulates in front of the table saw underneath the left side of it. That way, its not under foot, so I don't track it to the rest of the house so much.

The area to the right of the table saw fence usually ends up piled with pieces of scrap wood. The left side of the saw usually has the sled on it. For ripping narrower stock, I just lift it out of the slot and slide it to the left a little bit.

(this was before I got into dust colletion a bit more)

This area is always messy. This was before I got rid of the closet behind the radial arm saw to expand the shop a bit, but I just moved that furniture back where the closet was, and it continued to be a messy odds and ends kind of place.

I never used the radial arm saw and eventually gave it away in 2017. I only ever really used it for this project in 2007.

I shot a video of my messy workshop at some later time. Same workshop, different mess. The pieces of the project lying around are for my second homemade bandsaw that I was building at the time.

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