Peter Passuello's bandsaw build

Peter Passuello sent me some links to his YouTube videos about building his bandsaw:


Just wanted to say thanks for the great plans for your Bandsaw.
I have just finished mine after a couple of months and am very pleased with it.
I have yet to build a suitable base for it but that will be the easy job.
I include a photo of the finished machine and some links to a couple of YouTube videos I did while building if they are of any interest to you.

I am lucky in that I have a home made CNC machine and it was invaluable in the building of the Bandsaw.

It allowed me to quickly and accurately make the parts that I didn't otherwise have tools available for.

Flattening the wheels. If you skip along a little you will see the wheels being flattened on the CNC and being thinned down to 32mm thick.

Checking the wheels and bearings for true before turning.
As you can see they were pretty good straight off the CNC before I turned them. I had the advantage the CNC and align things up for me.

Once again thank you for the great project. I really enjoyed the build and I am watching with interest your latest Bandsaw build.



New Zealand

Making the wheels

First run

Presenting the (almost finished) bandsaw

Thought I would send you a photo of the Bandsaw on it's new Base I built last weekend. It looks a lot better now it is on the stand than it did on the floor and is far easier to use.