Smashing BlackBerry® devices

I worked at RIM (Research in Motion) until I left in 2007. From time to time, I organized some small events for creatively destroying obsolete BlackBerry prototypes. I put some of these pictures online previously, but I hadn't included pictures of the actual device being destroyed -- Until now!

Please note that these events are not reflective of the present RIM situation. All events were more than five years ago, when RIM was still a hot company. Smashing products of a company that is doing poorly would not have been any fun.

BlackBerry crushing (2007)
Celebrating my "retiring" from RIM in 2007 by dropping a 12 kg weight
from 8 meters onto a BlackBerry. Includees a video

3" caliber improved "Product launcher" cannon (2005)
An improved design after my 4-inch cannon blew up.
Includes a video

4" caliber "Product launcher" ABS pipe cannon (2003)
It's not a potato gun. It's an ABS pipe BlackBerry shooting howitzer!

Dropping heavy weights on some BlackBerries (2000 & 2001)
My first ABS pipe cannon (1998)
Shoots 1.5" hardwood slugs at mach 0.5. At a BlackBerry, of course.

Ron Harding's potato cannon (1998)
Ron's potato cannon gave me the inspiration to build my own potato cannon.

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