Photos around my dad's shop, 1987-1998

I went thru my old non-digital scanned photos, picking out photos of my dad's shop. Whenever any of us went home, it was always interesting to see what the latest project was in the workshop.

These were pre-digital photos. Once I went digital, there's were just far too many photos to sort through!

You can enlarge any photo by clicking on it.

New workshop and lumber storage shed
completed, 1987
Working on windows for cottage #7, 1987
Working on windows for cottage #7, 1987
January, 1988
Dad working on this corner bench, 1988
Me with a batch of lawn charis
ready for delivery, 1988
Neighbour's cattle around shop, 1988
Mom varnishes underside of table top, 1988
Assembling chair backs, 1989
Me puzzling over student desk
My student desk assembled, 1990
My student desk disassembled, 1990
Assembling picture frames, 1990
Jointer, thickness planer
The heating system, 1990
Sanding cutting boards, 1990
Cutting tenons on the Felder, 1990
Bringing in  
firewood for
the stove,

The wood
is slabs
from the

Using the Lincoln welder, outside, 1990
Mom varnishing rocking chair, 1990
Dad making knobs on the lathe, 1991
Dad working on armchairs.
Part of my knock down dressers on workbench.
Assembling a coffee table
Mom finishing
wooden plate
rack, 1991
Me working on knock down dressers
Finished knock down dressers, 1991
Stair stringer, 1992
A corner
cabinet, 1992
Already at work early in the morning, 1992
Time for a break, 1992
wardrobe, with wooden
, 1992
Mom inspecting vanish on chests, 1993
Markus builds
boxes for
vinyl records,
Shop seen
from road,
Start of demolition of our old house, 1994
Old house
The only photo
of dad with
safety glasses,
ever! 1994.
A "one room apartment" setup in the
workshop's varnishing room, 1994
My parents lived in the varnishing room
in 1994, while dad built a new house
Fridge and stove, but no running water.
The outhouse that was used while the
house was rebuilt, 1994
Lots of chairs, 1994
Building doors
for the new
house, 1994
Homemade tablesaw, 1994
Made a whole lot of Jenga blocks, 1994
Dad slices home grown tobacco, 1995
New greenhouse addition, 1996
Mom varnishes my round dining table,1996
My round dining table, complete, 1996
Replacing snow blower drive belt, 1996
The attic is great for storing a mess, 1996
Corner cabinet,
Corner bench for my house, 1997
Bar clamps, 1997
Planer blade sharpener, strip sander, 1997
Dad with Felder table saw, 1998