William Blackburn's pantorouter

William writes:

Finished my Pantorouter and used it 1st time today on lumber rack project. Not much to report. Conventional build with very few alterations. I would probably do something different with top. I found trying to anchor something down that was easily repeatable requires a 3rd hand/arm. Otherwise pleased with results. Once again, thanx for the project.

Using the pantorouter to make a lumber rack

William cut a score-line around the tenon to avoid chipout (see first photo below). But if you remember to always make a climb cut (with the leading edge of the bit cutting into the wood, not out of), there's no chipout, even without a score-cut. The linkage provides a lot of mechanical advantage, so there is no risk of the router getting away on you, even when climb cutting.

The finished lumber rack. Works pretty well and the joint is strong as hell.
Iím going to make another one for smaller stock and I think Iíll try the circular tenons you used on your scaffolding project.

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