Pekka's first homemade table saw

After seeing my homemade table saw build, Pekka emailed me some photos of his very first homemade table saw


Pekka writes:

The angled sled is not my idea, I learned it from under "compound miter sled".

By the way, the author of that article, Kevin, was my first tutor on segmented turning.


The saw is fixed in the table with angle irons so that it is level with the table. The saw not be tilted but cam be lifted.

But with am angled sled, compound miters can be cut. A combination of tilt and miters are needed to get a cone shaped ring for some segmented turnings.

The saw is a Festo type ATF 55 E, at least 25 years old (when Festool was still Festo)

Regards, Pekka