BigPrint demonstration videos

How I use BigPrint to make 1:1 templates to use in the workshop

Using 1:1 templates makes it easy to get a sense of it before I start building. In fact, quite often after I print the templates I revise the CAD model after seeing it 1:1. Using templates in the shop makes it easier and avoids potential measurment errors. The templates I'm making in this video are for these chairs

Using BigPrint to capture the shape of a curved window and make a 1:1 paper template for reproducing that shape.

The advantage to this approach is that it involves minimal time on site for capturing the shape.

Using BigPrint as part of my design/build process for my tilting router lift.

I use a 1:1 printout to check the size of what I designed, then use another 1:1 printout of the parts to guide the build process.

Using BigPrint to copy a table saw pushsticks from a photograph

Using a photograph, and known length of the push stick, I make a 1:1 printout of the pushstick and use that as a template for making another one.

Using BigPrint to makea 3x pattern for use with my router pantograp to make inlays

The use of BigPrint starts at 2:49 into the video.

Using BigPrint to match a spot on the wall, with screw locations to make a paper towel holder

The use of BigPrint starts at 5:04 into the video.

Reproduce Full Size Templates With BigPrint.

This is a video by Jay Bates The use of BigPrint starts two minutes into the video. More about it on his website here

Another example of using BigPrint to go from design to reality: Aiden's paddle board rack

Download the free evaluation copy
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The free evaluation copy can do everything that the full version can do, but a big [Eval] is printed on every output page.

For more details on what the program can do, see the Online help

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