Homemade jointer project

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Building the jointer part 1
Building the jointer part 2
More about building the parallelogram infeed adjustment
Delta planer teardown
for the cutter head and motor
Checking for accuracy affter 6 months
Checking over the jointer after 10 years
Bigger motor for my homemade jointer
Induction motor vs. universal motor on my jointer comparison
Jointer shelix vs HSS cutter: comparison tests
Plans for the jointer Also see the preview and specs

Reader built jointers:

homemade jointer
homemade jointer
Stephen Suber's
homemade jointer
Mike Bourbonnais's
jointer build
Yiyong Leng's
jointer build
Giuseppe Gaddi's
homemade jointer
Pip Temple's
homemade jointer
Dave Tenney's
homemade jointer
homemade jointer / planer
homemade jointer
Carsten Avenhaus's
Raymond Valleé's
Reg's 8" jointer based Fine Woodworking, 1981
Cosmas Bauer's jointer on YouTube

Roger Xue's jointer on blogspot.com

Rob Andrews's jointer

Krtwood's cast iron table jointer part 1 and part 2

More about jointers and planers

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