Wooden machines and contraptions

Wooden combination lock model
Wiper motor powered forklift toy
Wooden tank thread vehicle
Mechanical counter
Wooden air engine 2
The slinky machine
Self-driving scaffold
Wooden camera tripods
Baby rocking machine
Wood geared baby soothing machine
Solenoid engine
Building an air raid siren
Wooden computer keyboard mod
The Hui game
CD changing robot (mostly out of wood)
Building an apple grinder
Home made pipe organ
Plywood gears
Rght angle gears
Gear cutting jig
Jenga pistol 2
Lego domino row building machine
Wooden domino row building machine
Automatic hopper fed plastic cap catapult
Home made marble shooting crossbow
Homemade marble shooting airgun
Wooden air engine 1
Pager rotating machine
Pen shaking centrifuge with cycloid gearing
Commodore 64 joystick out of wood
Homemade box fan
A screw jack for joint strength testing
Circular saw blade sharpening jig
How DC motors and universal motors work
Wooden computer case
Raspberry Pi holder
Homemade woodworking machines

Marble machines

Binary adding machine
Building the marble adding machine
Michael Schultheiss's Marble machine
Modular marble machine
Marble machine 2.1

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