Woodworking machinery

The Pantorouter: A
template routing machine
The Pantorouter XL
for plunge routers
Homemade 16" bandsaw
My biggest 26"
bandsaw build
Big 20" bandsaw build
Homemade 12" jointer
Tilting router lift
Small bandsaw / sawmill
slot mortising machine
3D router pantograph
A versatile jig
Router copy carver
Homemade table saw
Homemade table saw version 2
Building a small
dust collector
1"x42" belt sander
1.5"x48" belt sander
6"x48" belt sander
Belt grinder
Homemade wood lathe
Articles about my Delta
hybrid Table saw
Pat Hawley's Thickness
Computer controlled
box joint jig
Table saw table
Building a sturdy
Table saw crosscut sled
Home made horizontal
boring machine
My Basement workshop
Photos of interesting
woodworking machinery
Jointer related articles
Building a bandsaw (v1)
and more on bandsaws
Articles relating to my
Old table saw
How crowned pulleys
keep flat belts tracking
Building a lathe stand
Cove cutting and
cove table calculator
Asymmetric cove cutting
using cove templates
Reviewing the Ryobi
WDP 1850 drill press
Building a hollow chisel
Making conic dowels
and spindles
Mobile tool bases
Table saw fence
micro adjusting
Bandsaw vs CNC
Which is faster?
Fixing a table saw height adjustment mechanism
Workshop air cleaner
Plans for some of my machines
Where I get my motors from
How DC and universal
motors work
How AC (induction)
motors work
Making a simple remote switch

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