Woodworking plans

Each of these plans has an accompanying article showing the actual construction of the project.

The plans were drawn in Sketchup, For most plans, the SketchUp model is included, so you can check out different views of the projects and parts.

Free plans:

Round dining table
Kitchen chair
Student desk
Laptop table
Table plans
Bed plans
(simple bed from 2x4's)
Fancy queen bed
and double bed
Bunk bed
Under bed
storage drawers
Simple table
Small card table
Patio table
Patio bench
Lawn chair
Kid's table
Garage shelf
Storage shelf
Low bookshelf
Screw advance
box joint jig
Workbench plans
Small table saw sled
Thickness sander
Router table
Crokinole board
Reindeer in scroll saw and bandsaw size
Jewellery rack
Marble adding machine
Tracked vehicle
Flip handle tray
Tenor ukulele
Tipping ramp mouse
trap plans
Cantilevered nightstand
a minimalist design
Large knock-down table for social occasions
Letter stencil maker
Online gear template
SketchUp tutorials

Plans for woodworking machines for sale:

The pantorouter is a template based tenon cutting machine that has all kinds of uses for cutting intricate wood joints
Pantorouter plans
A larger version of my pantorouter designed to accommodate plunge routers. Larger range of motion, but takes up more space.
Pantorouter XL plans
A homemade bandsaw does not have to be a compromise.
No custom metal parts required.
16" Bandsaw plans
A smaller 14" bandsaw that also converts into a light duty sawmill
14" bandsaw / sawmill
A homemade 20" bandsaw, with 13" (34 cm) resaw capacity, and large enoughto take sawmill blades.
20" Bandsaw plans
A homemade 26" bandsaw, with 15" (38 cm) resaw capacity, and large enoughto take sawmill blades.
26" Bandsaw plans
Supports weight of the router, allowing depth of cut control by the template, also unobstructed view of the work.
3-D router pantograph
A router lift that tilts up to 45°. This really expands the options for creating custom molding, even with basic router bit sets.
Tiltable router lift
Uses a screw and gears to precisely space cuts for box and finger joints. Cuts up to eight boards at once.
Screw advance box joint jig
A router copy carver. Copies complex 3D shapes. Four axis (router can tilt), and stores more compact than commercial machines.
Router copy carver
A slot mortising machine using a router. Easy to set up, and cuts cleaner and faster than most other mortisers.
Slot mortising machine
Cut both sides of a tenon wih the flip of a lever, no flipping the work piece for faster, more accurate tenons.
Quick-set tenon jig
A table saw dovetail jig.
Allows for a greater variety, and greater size of joint than is possible with a router jig.
Table saw dovetail jig
Smaller than a regular dust collector, quieter and lower power than a shop-vac.
Small dust collector
A 12" jointer built using parts salvaged from an a cheap 12" thickness planer. Easy for two people to carry.
Wooden jointer
Table saw based on a circular saw, with a more robust way to mount the saw and easy depth adjustment mechanism
Homemade table saw
A 6" x 48" belt sander, can be used as regular belt sander or flipped on its side to use as an edge belt sander
6" x 48" belt sander
Interchangeable platens allow sanding of convex and concave curves, Does work of spindle sanders with less dust and faster.
1" x 42" strip sander
This Lathe can be used to turn spindles or bowls up to 26 cm. Weighing just 20 pounds without motor, it's easy to store on a shelf.
Wooden lathe plans
A non-tilting wooden router lift. This is my older design before I came up with the tilting version.
Wooden router lift
An grinder for pulping apples to get best yield when pressing for juice.
Apple grinder

Software for woodworkers

Enlarge your woodworking plans to 1:1. A program for making full-scale multi-page printouts from drawings and CAD models
BigPrint program
My gear template generator makes printable paper templates for cutting gears out of plywood with a bandsaw. Many also use it with CNC routers.
Gear template generator program

Toys and furniture plans for sale

Modular marble machine
Marble run blocks build marble runs
Wooden air engine Runs off vacuum cleaner
Marble machine 2.1
Crank it for a cacophony!
Mechanical counter
like old car odometers
Jenga pistolThe game of Jenga will never be the same
A plastic bottle cap shooter
Wooden combination lock
Lawn chair plans
Wooden chair
A kitchen chair that's square and sturdy
3-legged stool
a joinery challenge
Swing set plans Simple and sturdy.

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