SketchUp 8 tutorials

These tutorials are based on the older SketchUp 8, not the new web based versions. I drew all my plans with the free Sketchup 8 from 2012 and continue to use that version. If you have the older version 8, I recommend sticking with that. If you know someone who has Sketchup 8, ask them for a copy. It's only 35 megabytes. On Jay Bates's SketchUp page you will also find a link to download the old version 8. You can no longer download the old version 8 off the SketchUp website. I think they removed that to force you to use the newer web based version and annoy you into paying for something better. As of 2024, I'm still using version 8.

Sketchup versions from 2013 onwards only allowed you to install the much larger full pro evaluation version, which after 8 hours of usage disables the "pro only" features, but leaving you with much more stuff on your hard drive.

And at some point the free version became a version that only runs in your browser. I only briefly tried the web version and didn't like it, though it's very convenient if you only want to view an existing model and not install anything.

Tutorial 1: Navigating a drawing, and objects.

The plan that I'm loading is this student desk plan

Tutorial 2: Drawing objects with accurate dimensions - drawing a simple table

Tutorial 3: Drawing mortise and tenon joinery

Tutorial 4: Embellishing the drawing - adding colours rounds and chamfers

You can download the SketchUp model that I finished in the above video.

Tutorial 5: Using scenes and layers together to make multiple views

You can download the model that I created in this tutorial.

Tutorial 6:

The behaviour of nested objects, layers, and colour inheritance

You can download the sketchup file that I started with in this tutorial.

Tutorial 7:

From SketchUp to SVG for laser cutter using FlightsOfIdeas plugin

Tutorial 8:

Drawing a clock face with SketchUp: Circles, Rotations, and objects

A bit more about how I use sketchup:

This video is a bit about how I make a printable 1:1 drawing using my BigPrint program

More videos with SketchUp:

3D reindeer on the bandsaw

Bandsaw sawmill CAD model flythryough

Also see Jay Bates Woodworking sketchup 8 tutorials for lots and lots videos showing specific techniques.

And here's another collection of SketchUp tutorials on YouTube

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