Woodworking furniture projects

Cantilevered work table
Building a bed from 2x4 lumber, and plans
Building a queen size bed
Building nightstands
Building a daybed and plans
Building a table
Knock-down student desk
Knock down table and plans
Knock down laptop table / standing desk
Stand-up laptop computer table
Laptop computer desk version 1
Laptop desk (v2) (woodcraft article)
Trash to treasure: Antique desk drawers
Round dining table and plans
How to build a simple table
building a simple table (again)
Building wooden chairs
Building kids' chairs (video)
Building stools
Building a 3-legged stool with a pantorouter
A dresser made from junk from the garbage
Quickie workbench with the pantorouter
Workbench on wheels
Seven drawer dresser
Knock down dresser
Building a dresser
Storage cabinet for the basement
Mobile tool stand
Some of my dad's Original furniture designs
A bookcase joined with dowels
Building a Bookcase for DVDs
Stackable bookcase boxes
Tall basement bookcase
Under bed storage drawer on wheels
Patio bench and plans
Lawn chairs and Lawn chair plans
Quickie table extension
Building a bed frame
Building a kid's table
Building some overly complicated boxes
Older chair build (2007)
Furniture repairs

More woodworking projects

I also have plans for most of these projects

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