Woodworking projects2

Building a workbench and workbench plans
Workbench drawers
Small part sorting tray from yoghurt cups
Quickie workbench with the pantorouter
Making a loony whistle
Cube within a cube within a cube
Carving a 3D reindeer on the bandsaw
Various types of Wooden burr puzzles
Mobile tool stand
Mobile planer stand
welding cart from an office chair
Building a chest of drawers
Making a large picture frame
Another picture frame
Building my milk crate inspired boxes -- again
Making Wooden hinges
Wooden door latches
Building a box fan
Shelf with drawers
Basement shelving
Quick shelves using mortise and tenon joints
Double tenoned shelf supports
Stackable bookshelf boxes
Box joined Shelf brackets
Basement storage
Making a small Corner shelf
Simple compact computer / monitor stand
LCD monitor stand
Making a crokinole board and Plans
Marble run building blocks
Home made marble shooting crossbow
Making wooden squares
Mobile bandsw stand for my homeade bandsaw
Segmented bowl
Making louver shutters
Rounded dice with the router pantograph
Building a grave marker
Cremation urn
Wooden toys like this curvy board
Building a ukulele
Building a cajon box drum, with Paul
Parallelogram baby gate
Behind the couch shelf
Making a pirate swordout of wood
Wooden jewellery rack
Making coat hooks
Making wooden rings with the panotgraph
Warp-free cutting board
Flip-handle ramekin seriving tray
Making tarp clips

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