Wooden toy projects and other fun creations

Plastic cap shooter
Pirate sword
Curvy board
Bent lamination "playhouse" structure
Xylophone toy build
The slinky machine
Jenga pistol
Hui game
marble run
building blocks
Kid's wagon
Snake cube puzzle
Loony whistle
Lego domino row
building machine
Automatic hopper fed catapult
Wooden domino row building machine
Wooden air engine
Tippe top the self-inverting spinning top
Crokinole board
Large wooden dice
Making loaded cheating dice
Making wooden
assembly puzzles
Reinedeer cut on the bandsaw
Pen shaking contraption
Marble machine 2.1
Parallelogram baby gate
Baby proofing
a flower pot
Building a ukulele
Cube in a cube in a
Combination lock
Wooden soccer ball
Baby rocking machine
Wood geared baby soothing machine
Rachel makes
Olin's letters
Spinning top
Wooden ball
Captive ring baby rattle
Wheelie board
Balancing board
Wooden chain carved using only power tools
Swing set
Building a sandbox
Toddler stair handrail
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