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I had five pantorouters. My original pantorouter, my pantorouter XL, the first one that kuldeep sent me, the second one and the third one. I figured it would make sense to give away one of them, and, if I gave it to someone who might make a video, with it and has a lot of YouTube subscribers that would be the most beneficial to Kuldeep. So I offered it to John Heisz. He was planning on taking a trip anyway, so he came to Ottawa to pick it up. Given the opportunity, I suggested we could try doing YouTube livestream doing Q&A.

John isn't fond of the whole "celebrity"-like idea of being a youtuber but he was willing to go along with the whole thing. We did the live stream on September 15 2016.

I thought I had the technical aspects of this live stream thing more or less figured out, but it had been nearly four weeks since I last did one, and instead of spending time setting it up and tweaking it, I spent all my time chatting with John Heisz about this and that, so I set up the live stream only last minute, which resulted in some confusion on my part, and possibly less than ideal technical settings. But it worked, and better than the previous one. I didn't end up with crazy latencies towards the end like I did last time.

Doing a live Q&A with another youtuber sitting next to me was a lot of fun, much better than the one I did with jut me. John was also surprised at how much fun it was.

We ended up poking a lot of fun at each other and a number of other youtubers, which may have resulted in an unusually high number of "thumbs down" on YouTube for this one. But some people disliking it doesn't matter that much. Interesting stuff is often edgy, and some will always be offended by that. It would be a dull world if we all avoided offending everyone all the time.

Even though it was fun to do and went well, it's not something I plan on doing again any time soon. This sort of thing is always best when it's fresh, and we only have so many things to say. I listen to a fair number of woodworking related podcasts, and they always start out interesting, but over time the podcasters will have already told their good stories and such, and I find them becoming less interesting as time goes on. I would prefer not to go that route.

John and I hung out some more after that, but John wanted to drive back to his place that same evening (with the pantorouter that I gave him). It was nice to catch up. I should visit John at his new place some time. (Update December 2016: I did visit him)

Before that I visited him in in June 2011 at his old place (see picture at left), in his garage workshop, before he had a website or started making YouTube videos. At the time I posted an article about his homemade bar clamps and disk sander.

Previously (in 2010) I posted about his router table and homemade table saw

In April-July of 2018, John Heisz and I made a website of email-style conversations about woodworking and YouTube. John has since taken down the website (was:, There was also a YouTube channel, which I have since renamed to "Matthias on Youtube".

John Heisz's Website and YouTube channel

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