George's parallelogram baby gate

George C. Barnes writes


Just want to let you know that my son and I collaborated on building a parallelogram baby gate, based on your video of the one you made for your brother.

After seeing your baby gate video, I sent the link to my son. I am in Iowa, he is in Colorado. I told him that I thought he might find the subject intriguing. He responded 'yes'. He is a mechanical engineer for a firm in Boulder. He took measurements, drew up the parts in Pro-E, produced .pdf file which he sent to me.

I made the wooden pieces and sent them to him. He used a mill with flat mill bit for the dowel holes. He also had access to plastic or some type of plastic based doweling. He completed the initial trial installation this weekend. Very nice!!

Thank you very much and I wish for you and Rachel, the very best in all your endeavors!

George C. Barnes III
Ida Grove, Iowa

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