Home improvement projects

Leaf vacuuming trailer
New treads for old stairs
Making new deck steps
Suction cup patio stone lifter
Re-leveling and weeding our patio
Transparent acrylic shelf
A "stud"-ly way to mount a towel bar
Pantry closet shelves
Building a storage shed
Making coat hooks
Coat hooks and shelf
Rachel makes a toilet roll holder
Building wooden tables
Making curved molding
Floor refinishing by trial and error
Installing baseboards
Hardwood flooring around stair spindles
Parallelogram baby gate
Stackable book shelf boxes
Skylight installation
Ron Walters's steel garage
Around-the-corner curtain rods
Curtain rods with rings that slide past the mounts
Making cheap curtain rods (2007)
Basement shelves and shelf plans
Basement storage
Building storage shelves and plans
Tall basement bookcase
Getting into woodworking for beginners
Building a workbench and workbench plans
Building sawhorses and Sawhorse plans
Building a bed loft
Wooden door latches
Hooks to put coat hangers in a door frame
Hooks for gloves and tuques
Furnace vent grill
Making a small Corner shelf
Paper towel holder
Under bed storage drawers
Kitchen cabinet organizer boxes
Baby proofing a flower pot
Building a storage shed
Building a large mirror stand
Foundation for a House Addition
Building a small House Addition
Framing a cottage
Dismantling cottages
Reshingling a one-car garage
Reshingling a low sloped roof
Stiffening a wood floor
Porch repairs
Porch stairs
Bodging an old wooden bridge
Touring Cottage #2 at Amogla camp
Foundation frost heaving problems
Garage storage ideas
Wasp sucking machine
Drawer front repair
Installing a boot nook
Installing a socket in finished drywall
Fishing wires through walls
Thru the floor (or wall) magnet alignment trick
Hot water night electricity timer
Installing a Bathroom sink and faucet
Rerouting a plumbing
Draining pipes fast with compressed air
Baby fence for a bed
Ski rack for the garage
Fireplace trim
New deadbolt installation
I had to saw through my own deadbolt
Building a scaffold
Attic insulation spreader rake (video only)
Building a deck
Toddler stair handrail
Corner shelf for a barbecue
Building a roof under a deck
Smashed deck repair hack job
Weed root ball extractor lever (video)
Mysterious water drip investigation (video only)
Furniture repairs

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