Rachel didn't like our toilet roll holder and wanted to try making a new one. She's built some shelves before, but never had access to a shop full of tools, so this was an opportunity to learn to use the machines. I was there to watch and give advice, and figured I might as well film while I'm at it. The whole project took less than two hours.

No tripod shots in the video, but plenty of funny antics.

The holder is her design. Very simple, although I like the very curvy nature of the pieces.

Smoothing the pieces on the belt sander.

Rachel said "if I knew you were going to film me, I would have worn something more flattering". I think she looks just fine! :)

But it's rare that I take a photo of her that she's not ok with.

The roll part itself is a dowel, made narrower on each end. We used my new Pantorouter XL. Though I admit, I was the one who set it up for that cut. Setting up the pantorouter takes a bit of time, but it was the quickest and safest way to make those cuts.

Placing the parts together to check the length needed before cutting the dowel to length and making the other tenon.

The two side-hooks screw onto the back, from the back.

After that, varnishing everything, with the usual three coats of Varathane diamond floor varnish that I normally use.

Finished and installed. Screwed on from the inside of the cabinet, so the screws are completely hidden.

And who is Rachel? She used to be my girlfriend. We got married last weekend (does that make her my ex-girlfriend?). You might see her in some of my future videos. It's also the reason this week's article is very short :)

Announcing this sort of thing always prompts people to send congratulations. I already get too many emails as it is. So please don't feel obliged, and don't expect me to respond.

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