Building wooden tables - construction articles and plans

Articles on building different styles of wooden tables, with plans.

A rectangular kitchen table, with a fancy wood tiled top
Building it and plans
A youthful looking round dining table
Building it and plans
A children's table
Building it and plans, also adult size plans

A simple table from 2x4 lumber
Building it and plans

(similar design as
version above)
Simple table, with a doweling jig
Lots of pictures and video
A height adjustable laptop computer table, on wheels
Building it and plans
A knock-down desk, ideal for students
Building it and plans
A large knock-down table, ideal for parties.
Building it and plans
A simple sturdy workbench from 2x4 construction lumber
Building it and plans

Plans for a patio table
I drew these plans for my sister.
She never got around to building it, but other people have.
Miter joined large table
Building it
Hurrying up a table build and screwing up
Video only
Hardwood table top from scrap wood and construction lumber
Stand-up laptop computer table
Building it
Small work table / desk
Building it
Ron Walters's folding TV table
Dimensions and how to build it
My favourite style of expanding table
(Video only)

More woodworking projects and plans on my woodworking website