About motors and how they work

How DC motors work
How AC (induction)
motors work
Reversing single phase induction motors
Where do you get your motors from?
dishwasher wet rotor synchronous motor
Rewiring a motor from 240 and 120 volts
Figuring out a mystery motor and building a starting switch
Brushless DC motor, and a dumb way to drive it (video only)
Motorizing the apple grinder
Motorizing the bandsaw
Oiling a noisy shopvac motor
Fixing seized oscillating fan motor
Building a dust collector blower
A relay box to turn on my dust collector
Measuring RPM with a spectrum analyzer app (video only)
How crowned pulleys keep a flat belt tracking
Baby rocking machine
Making a simple remote switch
Installing a 240 volt circuit
Blower design
Solenoid engine
Restoring the wiper motor powered forklift toy
Motorizing a hand-cranked coffee grinder
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