Anti-ASMR squeaking screeching and scraping sounds

This video started with many people commenting that they could not stand the sound of the scraper in my floor refinishing video from 217, 53 seconds in. Surely, I could do much worse than that!

So I spent some time seeking out the most horrific scraping and screeching sounds that I could make around the house.

The kids really liked pushing this plastic model train mountain across the floor, and it made a particularly annoying scraping grinding noise. So much so that we eventually hid this toy in a high cupboard!

The classic cutlery scraping across a dinner plate sound. When we were kids, My sister used to always get annoyed if cutlery squeaked ever so slightly at dinner time. And that prompted me to deliberately scrape the knife and fork across the plate to make the loudest sound that I could, until my mom told me to stop.

I find the sound of the drill bit squeaking inside a hollow chisel mortising chisel quite annoying. I tested all these sounds on family visitors over Christmas, and this one was less annoying to others. I guess it really depends on how you expect something to sound.

Filing improperly to make a squeak. This piece of metal is from my plasma cutting pantograph experiment. I think this sound is another one that guys find more annoying than girls.

Plastic graduated cylinder scraping across a table. A really great sound! :)

The most fun was trying my sister in law's violin. She tried making some screeching sounds with it too, but she knows how to play the violin, so she intuitively makes proper sounds with it. By dragging the bow across the strings too slowly and pushing down too hard, some truly horrific sounds can be made.

It occurred to me that on my ukulele, maybe I could get all the strings to screech at once, maybe with some fret buzzing at the same time. But the sounds of bowing the ukulele were actually not bad. The metal wound strings work much better than nylon strings for bowing it though. Bowing the strings below the bridge made for some nice screechy sound effects, but not as unpleasant as I had hoped.

The sound of paper rubbing on paper used to give me goose bumps. Not so much anymore. It works best with relatively coarse cheap paper books. Waxed paper doesn't work at all.

My pipe organ, with lots of keys bushed, and not enough air, makes some very whistling and whiny noises. It's not a goose bump type of sound, but it's very creepy.

Some new cookie cutters that Rachel got. These squeak a bit sometimes. I tried different surfaces, and this part of the bathroom floor made the best squeaks. Rachel said "stop it!" when I tried these. So I knew it was a good one!

Why make such a horrendous video? I'm sure I will get a lot of hateful comments on the video, even with the title giving ample warning. I'm sure I'll lose at least a thousand subscribers too. But it's just so much fun! And I do it because I can, unlike so many youtubers who need to look mature and responsible so as not to upset their sponsors.

Or maybe I just like to cash in on the whole ASMR video thing in my typical contrarian kind of way. And I think a video like this is much better than Rickrolling!

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