Woodworking techniques

My Shop tricks section
Splayed (tilted) compound miter joints
Curved box joint
Octagonal box joined box
Plywood gears
Making dowels
Interactive gear template generator
Bent laminations for a weaving frame
Gear cutting jig
Using and sharpening a cabinet scraper
Wood tiled table top
Refinishing a table top
Scarf joint splice chair repair
Refacing drawers
Vacuum clamping on the cheap (2021)
Making drawer handles
Drawers with recessed handles
Box joined drawers
Wooden drawer slides
Cove cutting and cove table calculator
Getting into woodworking for beginners
Carving canoe paddles on the bandsaw.
How to make gears
My favourite handplanes
Handplane sharpening
SketchUp tutorials videos
Trammel points compass
Inlay carving with the router pantograph
Table saw fence micro-adjusting
Turning a segmented bowl
Making right angle gears
Making wood thread taps from bolts
Resizing a drill
Two beginner table saw mistakes
Making lots of baseboard molding

On mortise and tenon joinery

Joining with dowels

More on wood joinery


Basement workshop 2009
2012 workshop tour
Last tour (2017) of my basement workshop
CTV TV shoot in my workshop (2012)
My old workshop (2007)
My big garage workshop
My dad's workshop (2007)
Touring dads's shop (2013)
Jacques Jodoin's Amazing workshop
Touring Karhu fine cabinetry
Gregor Bruhn's cabinet workshop
Tool holders
A clever tool chest hingemechanism
Bill Price's shop and inventions
Ryszard's shop, machines, and projects
Touring an organ building workshop
Alois Schmid's basement shop
Pierre Faubert's workshop

Lumber related

Chainsaw milling experiment
Backyard sawmilling
My dad's old sawmill
Reclaiming lumber from firewood
Chainsaw milling on location
Building a Lumber Rack
Sheet goods lumber cart
Splitting logs for lumber
Resawing wide lumber
My simple wood hardness testing method
Macro photographing wood grains
Investigating seasonal wood shrinkage
Cutting up a log on the bandsaw
The physics of bandsaw resawing (Why blades drift)
Measuring wood moisture with a multimeter
Flattening boards wider than your jointer
Planer snipe on small planers.

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