Chronology of 2021

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Jan 6 Motor for my 26" bandsaw, and a livestream
Jan 12 Blade guides for my 26" bandsaw
Jan 18 Trunnions for my 26" bandsaw
Jan 19 Guest apperance again on Chad and Steve have a podcast
Jan 22 Table for my 26" bandsaw
Jan 28 More ergonomic bar clamp knobs
Feb 2 26" bandsaw: Blade guard and first resaw test
Feb 5 Bandsaw chatter with hard woods and hook tooth blades
Feb 11 26" bandsaw bottom enclosure and sawdust drawer
Feb 22 Bandsaw questions live stream
Mar 1 26" bandsaw plans finally done
Mar 2 26" bandsaw top enclosure
Mar 4 Big plywood V-belt pulley, Change blade without switching off?
Mar 11 26" bandsaw paint, balance, electrical and finishing touches
Mar 16 David Oakland's strip sander
Mar 16 Splicing wood end to end to make a long curtain rod
Mar 19 Bandsaw blade chatter and tweaking the tooth set
Mar 29 Bandsaw resaw blade way too long (video)
Apr 1 I bought the improved Jimmy Diresta ice pick.... 20 years ago!
Apr 6 Sucking out eggs with a vacuum cleaner (video)
Apr 20 Automatic hopper fed catapult (video)
Apr 22 Hopper catapult follow-up: Motiv­ations & challenges
Apr 28 Vacuum clamping on the cheap (making a cork board)
May 4 Using the second (I2C 0) port on Raspberry Pi
May 7 Vacuum clamping: measuring suction spread
May 11 Fixing a creaky rocker doweling a spindle joint (video)
May 21 Fixing a reclining chair frame (video)
May 24 Single bed build from construction lumber
Jun 3 Monitoring power use with temperature sensors
Jun 7 Balancing a fan that shakes too much (video)
Jun 14 Varnishing tips (video)
Jun 16 Popping balloons in baloons and presure testing (video)
Jun 22 Weed root ball extractor lever (video)
Jun 27 26" bandsaw build condensed to one shorter video
Jun 28 Anemometer interface for Raspberry Pi
Jun 30 Working out optimal fan placement to vent out the house
Jul 5 Motion light gadget
Jul 11 Reg's homemade jointer Based on a 1981 FWW article
Jul 18 I had to sawzall my deadbolt
Jul 25 Half box joint, half miter joint
Aug 1 New dust hood on wooden pantorouter
Aug 8 Re-greasing shielded bearings, no disassembly
Aug 15 Heart shaped headboard
Aug 22 Making new deck steps
Aug 27 Overloading the EcoFlow Delta max battery (sponsored)
Aug 30 Milling a log on the bandsaw, Interviewed by Steve Ramsey
Sep 3 A whole lotta updates
Sep 7 Hurrying up a build and screwing up
Sep 9 Inductive current measuring using Raspbery Pi
Sep 13 Clickbait wasn't alwyays the best strategy
Sep 15 Measuring welder current with a computer
Sep 21 Modular shed buid in the garage
Sep 24 Homemade belt sander update after 5 years
Sep 27 Belt sander series as one 18 minute video
Oct 7 Sheet metal bending trick, no brake
Oct 10 Assembling a shed like a plywood box
Oct 17 Sheet metal roofing and siding for my shed
Oct 24 Making a flat door from twisted 2x4s
Oct 26 High picture hanging grabber #shorts
Oct 27 Cladding a door with sheet metal roofing
Oct 28 Replicating Fireball's grinder cutoff disk trick
Nov 3 Sturdy boxes for propping things up, Podcast appearance
Nov 5 Building a box, #shorts version
Nov 8 Homemade leaf mulcher (bought it for the motor)
Nov 11 A shelf so stiff it rocks
Nov 15 Inside a portable battery power station
Nov 17 Building a wood strength testing machine
Nov 21 600 watt heaters pretending to be 1500 watts
Nov 23 Chisel holder for my tool wall #shorts
Nov 30 What I learned from breaking 100 pieces of wood
Dec 1 LED bulb failed for the dumbest of reasons
Dec 2 Re-upload to fix error 1 hour after publishing - consequences
Dec 8 Ultrasonic distance sensor to replace oil level gauge
Dec 10 Frame for weaving
Dec 17 Which wood is strongest, hardest, stiffest
Dec 26 "The amazing marble machine" by The wood dabbler

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