Chronology of 2013

Articles added in 2013:

Jan 3
Ron Walters's
Steel garage
Jan 17
Rudolf Baumueller's Homemade bandsaw
with sawmill sled
Jan 20
Stand-up laptop
computer table
some of my fancy jigs
Jan 30
Two new Sketchup
Feb 15
Ryszard's Homemade
. Video: building
the domino machine
Feb 17
Reviewing dad's Felder
table saw / shaper
Francois's bandsaw
Feb 28
Impossible looking
dovetail joint, Mitja's
wooden bathtub build
Mar 10
Ski poles bipod /tripod
camera jig, Szczepan's
tilting router lift
Mar 13
Ryszard's drum sander
Mar 17
Seven amazing
marble machines
by Paul Grundbacher.
Mar 24
Ron Water's mechanical counter, chair repair
Mar 27
Bill Kraft's pantorouter,
old camcorder videos in
dad's workshop
Apr 7
Starting the ukulele build: Bending the sides, how
I did it and Pat does it.
Apr 11
Pat Hawley's custom fan
fret eight-string guitar
Apr 14
Ukulele sound board and Pat's soundboard. Also Paul's bandsaw
Apr 17
Pekka Svinhufvud's
homemade tablesaw
Apr 21
Assembling the ukulele
Pat's assembly,
Chris's mobile saw base
Apr 25
Stephen Suber's
homemade jointer,
Florent's pantorouter
Apr 28
Making the neck for the ukulele and
Pat's ukulele neck
May 2
Making the fretboard,
Pat's fretboard
shelves to guitar sides
May 23
Homemade honda fit
trunk cover
May 26
Smashed deck repair,
Plans for my small
table saw sled
May 31
A dremel tool mount
for my pantograph,
Stephan's router lift
Jun 2
Inlay experiments with
the router pantograph
Jun 9
Paper towel holder
A justification to use
some of my fancy tools!
Jun 14
Jens Larsen's bandsaw,
and a neat improvised
thickness sander trick
Jun 16
Building an instrument
for my homemade
Jun 23
Updates on the small
dust collector
workshop air cleaner
Jun 30
Start of a new marble toy, Shweka's box joint jig
Jul 04
Giuseppe Gaddi's homemade jointer, Ken
Acland's router case
Jul 14
Marble track elements
for the toy blocks, Rysz-
ard's marble machine
Jul 28
Alois's guitar inlays,
and a new video about
my slot mortiser
Jul 31
Ryszard's Chaos2
marble machine
Aug 24
Hessam's disk sander,
Earl's box joint jig
Aug 29
Ralph's Dremel panto-
, sawmill videos
from Glengarry wood fair
Sep 1
More milling on my
simple sawmill
Sep 4
Michael Sullivan's
gear cutting method
Sep 7
Brian Kerr's router lathe
Sep 8
Making dowels using a
half-round router bit
Sep 18
Ron Walters's ratchet
, Bob's
motorized box joint jig
Sep 21
Gyro effect explained
Lawn chair lumber prep,
Sean's bandsaw
Sep 27
Ryszard's spindle
and 14" bandsaw
Oct 3
Reader built homemade
table saws: Joosten's, Pekka's and Alex's
Oct 6
Table saw build part 2:
Tilt lock mechansim
and table saw inserts
Oct 17
Homemade table saw
alignment and miter slots
Nov 6
Simon Heslop's table
, Effects of table
saw misalignment
Nov 10
Making wooden hinges,
Nick's from scratch
homemade table saw
Nov 22
Ron Walters's stumpf
, baby fence for
a bed
Nov 24
building a simple table,
(again) this time using
a doweling jig, with video.
Nov 28
Simple light stands
from discarded lamps
and pallet wood
Dec 13
Captive cross inside
a cube
. A novel object,
cut on the pantorouter.
Dec 15
Cube in a cube in a
(more interesting
than the previous one).
Dec 20
Making a loony whistle
(My Sunday post early
this week - see article)

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