Chronology of 2016

Articles added in 2016:

Jan 8 Fixing the wobble in a table saw arbor (old article, new video)
Jan 18 Phillip's strip sander Dave Tenney's jointer
Feb 17 Rachel makes Olin's letters, Dave Tenney's furniture repair
Feb 26 Building a lathe (from scratch, with wooden bearings)
Apr 27 Lathe follow-up (answering questions), New lathe build video
Apr 29 Making a Tippe top,
the self inverting spinning top
May 13 Carving a chain using only power tools, new Ramekin tray video
May 22 Two from Germany: European windows, Expanding table
May 25 Carsten's writeups about his jointer and bandsaw
Jun 3 Another air cleaner build, Elyasaf's wide box joint jig
Jun 24 Belt sander build
(part 1)
Jul 15 My big old tractor
(I'm on vacation!)
Aug 9 The story of my parents Amogla camp cottages
Nov 15 Hessam's strip sander, Kyle's baby gate, Michael's slot mortiser

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