Chronology of 2011

Jan 3 Gordon Millar's bandsaw and Hessam Sane's bandsaw
Jan 6 A neat planetary drive by Ron Walters, and his table saw fence micro adjuster.
Jan 10 Building a large mirror stand using some of my fancy jigs.
Jan 13 Ronald walters' marble machine
Jan 17 Dad's homemade table saw, Gerry's Pantorouter, Doug's bee box finger joints
Jan 20 A visit to the Ontario Steam Heritage Museum
Jan 24 Old machines and shingle mills at the Ontario Steam Heritage Museum
Jan 31 Experimenting with building a hollow chisel mortiser
Feb 7 Building a storage cabinet for the basement
Feb 14 New reader project: a router pantograph
Feb 15 About my new BigPrint program - for creating large 1:1 print mosaics.
Feb 18 Flattening boards wider than your jointer
Feb 21 Making a fingerjoint with the pantorouter
Feb 23 New updates mailing list, short article on drilling overlapping holes
Feb 28 A blade guide for resawing wide lumber on a 14" bandsaw
Mar 7 Urn for ashes
Mar 9 Lucas Contreras's router pantograph
Mar 14 Building Long reach C-clamps, pictures of Fernand's bandsaw
Mar 21 Explaining planer snipe on small thickness planers.
Mar 23 Neal Weeks's belt sander, and Jim Harvey's angled box joints
Mar 28 3D router pantograph A versatile jig
Apr 4 Pat Hawley's Thickness sander, including plans
Apr 7 Roger Gallant's strip sander and edge belt sander
Apr 11 Carving a violin scroll with the 3D pantograph
Apr 18 Hector's homemade table saw and router lift
Apr 25 Hector's homemade panel saw
Apr 28 The story of how I broke my wrist, and dealing with it.
May 2 The Hui game
May 5 John Heisz's homemade disk sander
May 9 Inlay carving with the router pantograph
May 16 Marble machine 2.1: A refined version of my old "marble machine 2"
May 20 Explaining how marble machine 2.1 works
May 23 Part 1 of marble machine 2.1: making the gears, Stephen's router wheel lathe
May 26 Ronald Walters' cyclone, Marble machine 2.1 part 2: elevating mechanism
May 30 More marble machine 2.1 construction: base, support arm, and marble distributor
Jun 6 Making dowels, and marble machine 2.1 build The dump-o-matic
Jun 13 Homemade airgun, and marble machine 2.1 build part 7: The clanking iron
Jun 20 Heisz's bar clamps, Dan's mortiser, Marble machine part 8: Zigzag descent
Jun 24 Marble machine 2.1 build part 9: bowl ramps and part 10: can drums
Jun 27 M.M 2.1 finish: part 11 and part 12.
Jun 29 Dejan Kovac's homemade bandsaw and Bob McDermid's Pantorouter
Jul 4 Schultheiss's geared desk lamp, Rod Nagel's and Beri Bracun's bandsaws
Jul 11 Porch repairs, stiffening a wood floor Ron Walter's hole in the wall
Jul 13 Delta planer teardown
Jul 18 Part 1 of my building a 12" jointer experiment
Jul 25 Finishing up the home- made jointer
Aug 1 Workbench with storage and Ken Coulter's gear making Pantorouter
Aug 5 wooden bandsaw based on 1974 Popular Mechanics
Aug 8 14" bandsaw 1: The frame, Shaun's tractor bunk bed
Aug 15 14" bandsaw 2: Making the wheels, Hector's riving knife addition
Aug 18 Tamas Petos's projects, 14" bandsaw build part 3: The wheel mounts
Aug 22 14" bandsaw 4: Adding a motor, Peter's bandsaw build videos
Aug 25 14" bandsaw 5: The table, Alex Harris's homemade bandsaw videos
Aug 29 Ron Walters's drill press table, floor sweep Bandsaw 6:Blade guides
Sep 1 Gavin spotted these homemade machines, Roger's pen shaker
Sep 5 Bandsaw build part 7: Building the enclosure
Sep 12 14" bandsaw build: Things learned, Ron Walter's shop solutions
Sep 19 Building my sawmill and testing it on a log
Sep 22 John's in place jointer knife honing technique
Sep 25 Ron Walters's drum thickness sander
Oct 3 Wasp sucking machine
Oct 10 Sawmilling in my backyard, Finished the plans for the bandmill
Oct 17 Michael's leaf vacuuming trailer, Walters's clock wheel building experiments
Oct 24 Table saw fence micro- adjusting and three shop tricks by Ron Walters
Oct 29 Showing off some of my favourite handplanes
Oct 31 Dejan Kovac's router table and free plans, was on TV.
Nov 6 A simple technique for Mortising on the drill press
Nov 7 Reader bandsaws: Luis Segura Yupari's and Dave Norton's
Nov 9 Alain projects, including a video of building a clamp rack
Nov 14 Building an apple grinder and motorizing it
Nov 16 Beri Bracun's homemade lathe and disk sander
Nov 21 Bandsaw vs CNC, Brian's marble machine 2.1
Nov 24 Reader bandsaws: Smith's, Paulsen's and Zimmerman's
Nov 28 Cutting gears on a laser cutter, and Lucas homemade table saw
Nov 30 Walters's dust extraction improvements, clever worksite toolchests
Dec 5 Carving circles with a pantograph and Jens Larsen's Thien baffle dust extractor mods
Dec 12 SketchUp tutorials, Kyle's belt sander and more on frost heaving
Dec 19 Making trunnions for the bandsaw
Dec 26 Mike's homemade jointer, Wheeler's 18" tilting bandsaw table

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