Chronology of 2010

Articles added in 2010:

Jan 4

Lego domino row
building machine
Jan 11

Making coat hooks
Jan 18

Six more shop tricks
Jan 25

Building a small
House Addition
Feb 1

Sharpening bandsaw
and a quickie
Table Extension
Feb 8

Pen shaking centrifuge
with cycloid gearing
Feb 15

Macro and microscope
photographing wood
Feb 22

Building the marble
adding machine
Mar 1

Investigating seasonal
wood shrinkage
, and a
reader project: a slot
mortising machine
Mar 8

Some of dad's Clever
design details

and a reader project:
an M&M dispenser
Mar 15

Starting my bandsaw
project: bandsaw wheels,
and an article on how
crowned pulleys work
Mar 22

Home made bandsaw
continued: frame, blade
. Also, a secure
smarties dispenser by
by Michael Schultheiss
Mar 29

Home made bandsaw
continued: stand,
enclosure and tires,
plus a Video
April 5

A new Reader projects
page, including some
slot mortisers and many
new reader projects
April 12

Wooden tracked
vehicle plans

Fixing sagging plywood
Fixing digital calipers
April 19

Mortise and tenon vs.
dowel joints
revisited: An
ill-fated attempt at working
with a jig manufacturer
April 26

Homemade bandsaw
tension gague
, and
stoning bandsaw blades
May 3

3 more reader projects:
Homemade tablesaw,
Donald Zorn's projects,
Wood geared ball mill
May 10

Bandsaw refinements,
horizontal boring video
and an Air engine
speed test video
May 17

Rerouting a plumbing
pipe (includes video)

and a minor workshop
May 24

Marble machine 3: The
modular marble machine
(Includes videos)
May 31

Reshingling a one-car
garage, and a reader
project: Desmond's twin
size beds
Jun 7

Video tour of my
basement workshop
Jun 14

Framing a cottage
Jun 21

Dismantling cottages,
and two reader projects:
Hessam's router lift, and
Rodger's air engine
Jun 28

Fun with a dowel jig,
Dowel T-square
Andy's homemade truck
Jul 5

Cutting up a log
on the bandsaw

Jenga pistol v3
Jul 12

Reader projects: John's
router table,  Michael's
Jenga pistol and a video
of my messy workshop
Jul 19

Jim Wheeler's Gilliom
based homemade
bandsaw project
Jul 26

Measuring wood
moisture conetnt
with a
multimeter, and new
storage drawer plans
Aug 2

Building a kid's table
Includes a video
and plans
Aug 9

Jacques Jodoin's
amazing workshop
Including a Video at the
end of the article
Aug 16

Carving canoe paddles
on the bandsaw, with
video. Also added a note
on planetary gears.
Aug 23

Homemade bandsaw
Version 2: an improved
homemade bandsaw
Aug 30

Mobile bandsw stand
for my new bandsaw.
Includes plans
Sept 6

Cutting doevetails
on the bandsaw
Sept 13

Cottage foundation
frost heaving problems

Sept 20

Testing dovetail joints
against box joints
Sept 27

How to make gears for
the screw advance box
joint jig. Includes video.
Oct 4

Flush cutting with a
and a simple
low bookshelf project.
Oct 11

A reader project: a
bunk bed, and plans.
Also a second video
about marble machine 1
Oct 18

Making precise cuts on
the table saw
to make
a puzzle, includes video
Oct 25

Two reader pojects:
Box joint jig and a
table saw lift
Nov 1

Garage storage ideas
and a reader project:
wooden roller chain
Nov 8

Gregor Bruhn's cabinet-
making workshop

and a really clever tool
chest hinge
Nov 15

Making a hold down
bodging a bridge
Nov 22

Making a linear glides
from drawer slides and
fireplace trim work
Nov 29

Reindeer ornaments on
the scrollsaw, and bigger
reindeer figures on
the bandsaw.
Dec 6

inventing the pantorouter,
a garage ski rack, and
moving my bandsaw
Dec 13

Lots of new stuff about
my new invention:
The pantorouter
Dec 20

Cutting through-dovetail
on the pantorouter,
including template design.
Dec 27

The Ryobi WDP drill
and large mortise
and tenon joints
on the
Dec 30

Building a palm router
for the pantorouter

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