Chronology of 2014

Articles added in 2014:

Jan 16
Thomas's marble blocks, Caius's pantorouter,
Kuldeep's dovetails
Jan 30
Elyasaf's tenon jig,
Aiden's paddle board
(using BigPrint)
Feb 2
About my big garage
out in the
Feb 5
Ryszard Grenda's
marbe machine 3
and marble machine 4
Feb 16
Quick-set tenon jig build
part 1 and part 2
Feb 21
multiple lap joint with the
the tenon jig. Main Up-
dates moved to Fridays.
Mar 4
A new video about my
wall tool holders,
Patrick's apple grinder
Mar 6
Building a snake cube
puzzle, Miguel's bandsaw
Mar 14
Rolling under bed drawer, Gunnar's teak chairs
Mar 19
Ryszard's dust collector
, Shawn's jointer
mobile base
Mar 21
Motorizing the scaffold
so I can drive it around
while standing on top
Mar 24
Dave Tenney's bandsaw
and box joint jig, Rys-
zard's tilting router lift
Apr 11
Wifi booster dish,
desk assembly video,
Jens's blade sharpener
Apr 30
A cynical take on
making bookends
May 2
Building a dust collector
using previously built
blower and cyclone
May 6
About my old pager
rotating machine
Jul 22
Marius's dust collector
and bandsaw
Aug 22
New video about the box joint jig. Ryszard building beds
Aug 29
Working out compound
gear ratios
Lars's router lift
Sep 5
Making wooden rings
with the panotgraph,
Maciej's cyclone vacuum
Sep 11
Carsten's tricked out
pantorouter and other
Oct 3
New Pantorouter XL: Building the pantograph
Oct 10
Linear glides for the pantorouter XL. Lawn-
mower of destruction
Oct 15
Pip Temple's
homemade jointer
Oct 17
Pantorouter XL build:
Table and template
Oct 24
Pantorouter XL build:
Plunge lever and
plunge stops
Oct 31
Pantorouter XL build:
Adjusting for accuracy
final assembly and plans
Nov 7
Rachel makes a toilet
roll holder
, box joints
on the pantorouter.
Nov 14
Making drawers for a
dresser build part 1)
Nov 21
Building the frame for
the dresser
dresser build part 2)
Dec 2
Horizontal router table
for the slot mortiser
Dec 5
Comparing different
types of router speed

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